The misuse of protection orders

Im back with my unpopular opinions and this one I’ve seen many other posts about but I feel is VERY necessary. I have known so many people who have antagonized their ex blames on them somewhere along these lines then will get this piece of paper that says they can’t go near you or a child if you have one. Well, orders of protection are 9 times out of 10 on a male partner and you want to know what happens after ? The female will constantly message the man and try to get him to answer or hang out or something. This is not ok! Obviously you’re pretty stupid to break one of these considering that you will get jail and or prison time depending but on both ends. If you are openly inviting this person places and talking to them you get in trouble as well so, don’t think you’re off the hook. I am so sick of women constantly playing victim when they brought it upon themselves. As refered to in my first blog post if you hit a man and expect not to get hit back you’re just ridiculous and just flat out crazy. I myself had an order of protection at one point against my dad. It was gone about a month later but I know the ins and outs I went through an on going separation between my parents and know all about custody and legal rights and let me tell you most of the time these are either cancelled, moved into restraining orders or there for a reason that is due to a girlfriend wanting to control their exs or current boyfriends life. Don’t believe me? Look up the many cases on google. That’s my rant for the day and think it needed to be said.


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