Friends and the suckiness


Before I get into this blog post let it be known I know I suck. I am not the best friend in the world, in fact, I barley have friends. The friends I do have are awesome, loving and just the best people ever, I love you all. To the people I’ve lost a long the way, I’m sorry but if we stopped being friends it was probably because of you. Wait what? Let’s recap to a little bit about me. I was a cheerleader in high school and a sorority girl in college which means I know all about cattiness and girls plus I mean I have a vagina. I know when people are being fake and I know when people are subtly hinting towards not liking someone or something a long those lines. It’s not hard to read body language espeaiclly when it comes to women. Also, being that I was involved in the “basic girl things” I also am completely different from the typical girl which mostly every girl says. I was also a band kid in high school I love music and instusments. In college I am in a sorority, yes, but on the outside to most people looking in I’m just Dr.Cs assistant or the girl who makes practice tests for each test so make sure to ask her for one! So common misconceptions about myself make it so people see me as what I’m not or just see me for the boring things on the outside. The same can happen with friendships. People can see someone as something they’re not. Unfortunately, this has happened to me many times and I’m sure it has to everyone else as well. I have invited toxic horrible people in my life that I felt with all of my heart would never betray me. The outcome of course would make anyone step back and reevaluate their friend group. Once I realized that mostly all of my friends were toxic, selfish and just not good people to call friends I would disappear without a trace (besides social media) which is not good on my end but I don’t really care because they needed to be out of my life for my sanity anyways. For my friends I have now, congrats you aren’t terrible people. To the others; I hope you find real friends. Ones who make you see what true friendship is and that it’s not stabbing someone in the back. I also hope you the best. I can hold a grudge like no tomorrow so consider yourself super lucky I’m even writing this excerpt.


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