What my sorority taught me


Usually sorority posts are very negative and show the exact opposite of what true sisterhood is. Personally, my sorority is not what everyone would think. Yes, of course drinking and partying is something that mostly all Greek houses do. Although in my sorority, it doesn’t matter your background, whether you do illegal things or whatever the case is. Delta Chi Omega was founded in 1954. DCO stands for devotion, chastity and open mindedness. We are a group of classy girls that stunt red and white letters and pearls. We strive to have diversity in my house and to have fun. We also make sure to emphasize our secrecy as our top most importance (so no I will not be telling you and juicy secrets in this.) Sisterhood is more than friendship and is truly alive and well in our house. There is not one of my sisters that would ever leave me behind or make sure i’m not OK in any circumstances. During pledging this is emphasized a lot. My house has taught me the best way to be organized and to use my time management skills. Being in a sorority you are always busy whether it be attending/planning mixers, attending a seminar, keeping up relationships with other Greek houses and way more. Also shoutout to my brother house Kappa Sigma Epsilon you’re all awesome. My sisters are strong, independent and just all around great. My big is the best person I’ve ever met ever and my pledge sisters are literally like real sisters because of how much time we spend together (and yes even the arguing!) My sorority has also taught me that not all sororities live up to the stereotypical name. I was probably the last person any one thought would join a sorority… seriously, all of my friends from back home were super surprised including my mom. But again, sororities are not what you think at all. It is more of a business then anything and the business needs employees which are the sisters. There is so many other things I have learned just by being a new sister and just making it through late March and I already know this is where I belong. My sorority is my home away from home (even though some of my sisters live literally in the same town as me) but still. Delta Chi Omega. FITB.

Why I will not be watching 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why is a book I picked up in my 10th grade year of high school. At the time, this book made me feel like Hannah Baker was me. I was going through a lot at the time and found comfort in the book. Now, looking back I can see fully why I would like it. Being a person who was always interested in psychology I was always drawn to books that had tragic twists in it or something of that nature. I am not sure what the series is like but I can’t imagine it would be much different then the book. The reasons I will not be watching it is I feel the book kind of glorifies her suicide. Yes, this character Hannah went through A LOT but it shows an effective way to make people feel like complete shit and blame others for suicide. When I was reading the book, this actually made me think of ideas similar to her. Sending out tapes to people who did you wrong while you were alive after a tragic death is completely horrible. Not to say suicide isn’t horrible because it is. If these people did so many mean things to her as soon as they heard of her passing they would feel pretty shitty anyways. But let’s make it worse maybe to the point those people would want to take their own life as well. I also believe the show should be taken off of Netflix. Social media is a huge influence on the younger generation (everyone knows that.) I have seen countless posts about this series. The show could potentially have enough influence on children that they think it’s ok to take their own lives, like it’s normal and ok when it is not at all. There is also a very graphic scene of Hannah Baker taking her own life in it which if a child saw could scar them. All in all this is my opinion, I personally don’t even think the book was that good having read it 3 years ago as compared to now. When you’re 15 struggling with self image, depression and bullying this book could be a trigger. Now when you’re 18, in college and know way more you realize so much more.

Why I find it necessary to be with my boyfriend all the time

One thing I am sick of hearing being directed towards me is the question “Why are you with your boyfriend so much?” Well I will tell you. Me and my boyfriend have been inseparable since 11th grade. We came to college together and are each others best friends. When I say best friends I don’t mean it in the cliche relationship meaning. Airik and I are not like a typical relationship. Starting out as friends, we already knew everything there was to know about each other. He met my mom and I already met his parents before we were dating. Airik and I are known to do everything together. Of course, every once in a while we get sick of each other… maybe more than every once in a while but he’s the one person I can yell at and 5 seconds later we are talking about something completely random and right back to what we were. He is the one person that can make me laugh after a horrible day and make me feel like everything is going to be okay. His arms feel like home. I could go on with the sappy stuff but quite frankly this isn’t about how much I love him, which everyone knows is with everything I have, but to address the lingering question above. Why do I spend so much time with him? Because simply, I can. I don’t ask any questions on what someone else does with their lives, so, if I’m not asking you about your lifestyle I expect the same back. I love my boyfriend and it is necessary for me to spend as much time as I want with him and when I want to.


Feminism is a word that is completely misused in America. There are too many radical women describing themselves as this word but do non- feminist actions (the absolute worst). Now, while you’re asking yourself “is this me?” ask yourself the following:

  1. Do I actually know facts behind what I’m saying
  2. Am I calling myself a feminist because I hate men
  3. Do I know who Susan B Anthony is
  4. Do I know what all the great women suffragists did for all women
  5. Do I say things such as “It’s because I’m a girl”
  6. Do I respect other women and what they do with their lives

This brings me to my next point. One of my biggest pet peeves. It is proven that men are stronger than women there is no way around that fact, but, when a woman hits a man as compared to when a man hits a woman… what are the outcomes. I was taught growing up “If you get hit you hit someone back”. No matter the gender. So let’s look at the two situations in context. Hitting someone in the first place is wrong unless harm is brought upon you, at least in my opinion. So in context if a woman hits a man I believe the man has FULL RIGHT to hit a woman back. Now, I know people are reading this thinking i’m crazy but trust me, there is a method to my madness. The definition of feminism on first Google search is “the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.” This means what you want for women would be the same for men. If you call yourself a feminist then you should fully agree with me. When a man hits a woman it is unfair due to his strength and probably not needed to handle a situation in which violence is not already happening in. Women need to stop believing they have some kind of rights over men when we’re all equal. No gender is better than the other.